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Cocktail Menu

Menu Item Types: Drinks
From £4.95
Cocktail Menu

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White Tower Cocktail Menu


Millionaires Martini
Goldschlager, Dry Martini, Lemon Twist – Shaken, never Stirred

Hot Ice
Bacardi Spice, Gomme, Mint, Lime Juice – A spiced mojito perfect for any evening

After Eight
Grey Goose, Crème de Menth, Crème de Cacao – Lovely after dinner liqueur

Mandarin Napoleon Brandy, Tonic, Orange Peels – A timeless classic

Sloe Negroni
Hawkers Sloe Gin, Martini Rosso, Campari – Not for the faint hearted

Galliano Ginger
Vanilla Galliano, Ginger Ale, Lime Wedge – Drinkable Dessert

(v) Suitable for vegetarians. GM FOODS – It is our policy not to use genetically modified products in our food.
NUT ALLERGIES – The White Tower cannot guarantee that items on this menu do not contain nuts or nut derivatives.
Fish products may contain bones. All products are subject to availability.
All prices are inclusive of VAT
Wherever possible all our products are sourced locally.